The simple hook concept that generated over $1 BILLION dollars. And how you can use it in your business….


With One of the most powerful techniques in direct response, You will learn;

  • The #1 JOB of a ClickBank copywriter in your quest for a flood of conversions (no it’s not “make money”).
  • The contrarian way to promote ClickBank bestsellers (effortlessly set yourself apart from the competition. Catching the eye of the vendor and making oodles more sales).
  • How to tap into a powerful law of nature that COMPELS people to open, click and BUY.
  • “The Don Corleone Strategy” to making your prospects an offer they can’t refuse
  • The 5 *OMG* secrets you must uncover from every ClickBank® campaign. Add these to your research and you have an enormous head start on competitors in your market
  • The tools you need to optimize your pages and videos like a pro
  • Two software apps that let you spy on your prospects. Allowing you to locate weak points and holes in your funnel.
  • The #1 pre-sell tactic. If you’re an affiliate, this ‘stealth’ tactic can propel you to the top of JV leaderboards.